Seat cover materials

We can offer you a big choice of cover materials and an even bigger number of colours. Simply choose the kind of material you want and the colour which is to your taste and we will do the rest for you.

Basically, you always have the choice between red, blue and black in Veltoseat and Veltoflex.

Veltoflex is a synthetic polyester cover which is easy to take care of. The fabric is very wear resistant and therefore lasts a long time. Veltoseat is soft to the touch and is very pleasant. It is the classic amongst cinema seat coverings. It makes no difference which one you choose, both materials have an abrasion resistance of 50,000 Martindale.

In Detail

files/theme/content_images/content_icon_idea.png Fresh Ideas!

We can offer you not only suitable seating but also suitable accessories!

files/theme/content_images/content_icon_love.pngLove of Detail!

We live and love euroseat. Therefore we pay special attention to the careful manufacture of every product.

files/theme/content_images/content_icon_service.png Installation? No problem!

We will be glad to offer you the appropriate dismantling, disposal and installation.