The Company

Euroseat Firmensitz in Kirchheim unter Teck

Our Philosophy

Our objective is clearly defined: cinema and theatre seating at a reasonable price. It is our aim to give you access to cost-effective products at a contemporary price. Nowadays, cost intensive manual work is required to perfect all quality products. However, here as well, basic parts can be made by machine in advance. By optimizing this simple process, we have eliminated the trade with middlemen, and we pass this advantage directly on to you. The way is the destination – and we will gladly travel it together with you.

Our Prices

Our calculations take into account the use of the best possible materials to achieve prices  in line with the market. Thanks to our small range of products, optimized logistics and efficient distribution channels, we are able to offer you the prices listed on our internet pages.

Our Products

Despite the price difference with competitors, we want to meet the highest standards. Our trained employees constantly monitor the production, quality and the final inspection of every piece of furniture. A final inspection is made directly after the packing. Then nothing can stand in the way of the transportation to you, as we use stable and secure packing.

Our Sustainability

We are conscious of our responsibility to our customers. We insist on the highest quality materials – which is possible despite the sometimes striking price differences with our competitors – and also that these materials are processed in an environmentally friendly way. We would like you to live with the products which you have bought from us. We set the highest demands for the longevity of our products. As far as possible, we test all our products for long periods for their suitability for daily use and load capacity in order to achieve the longest possible service life for you. Quality and durability go hand in hand here.

The Market

The market is in part highly competitive. You can find any number of websites which offer similar, or even the same, product range as we do. This is in the nature of things. This niche market has its attractions for entrepreneurs as well as for wheeler-dealers, because the clear difference lies in what you get for your money. Here, made by hand is not the same as made by hand. If for example cheaper or lower quality base materials are used, then it is considerably cheaper to purchase them. The product may look similar, but it is fundamentally different. We do not want to measure ourselves against others, we want to convince by performance. Take an overview of this market and you are welcome to compare the performance and features of the other suppliers – and finally we would be happy to welcome you as our customer.

In Detail

files/theme/content_images/content_icon_idea.png Fresh Ideas!

We can offer you not only suitable seating but also suitable accessories!

files/theme/content_images/content_icon_love.pngLove of Detail!

We live and love euroseat. Therefore we pay special attention to the careful manufacture of every product.

files/theme/content_images/content_icon_service.png Installation? No problem!

We will be glad to offer you the appropriate dismantling, disposal and installation.